India has one of the world`s largest road networks of 4.2 million km consisting of national highways, state highways, major district roads and rural roads. National highways carry 40% of the total traffic but constitute 2% of India`s road network.

The Indian economy is booming, trade is increasing and therefore the commonplace of living goes up. This has resulted during a higher stress on our nation`s infrastructure. this can be notably true for the roads within the country as they continue to be the foremost common mode of transport for the individuals.

Adjusted for India`s massive population, Republic of India has but three.8 kilometers of roads per a thousand individuals, as well as all its sealed and caliches-topped roads. In terms of quality, all season, four or additional lane highways, Republic of India has but zero.07 kilometers of highways per a thousand individuals, as of 2010. These are a number of all-time low road and road densities within the world.

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